Some of the dumpers for hire today

Slanetrack mini dumper

Slanetrac HT1000

Thwaites dumper

Thwaites MACH 420

Thwaites dumper side view

Thwaites MACH 570

terex mini dumper

Terex PS3000

Terex mini dumper

Terex HD1000

terex mini dumper

Terex TA2E

terex mini dumper

Terex TA2SE (Swivel)

terex mini dumper

Terex TA2SEH (Hydrostatic)

Dumper Hire in Chichester

Do you need a top quality dumpers hire service in the West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey region? Well go no further than Chichester’s own Nicholas Plant Hire.

Based in Hunston, Chichester our family run business has the dumper vehicles you need to do the job, large or small. We bring 25-years solid experience in the plant hire business, together with great customer service and top value for money, and deliver each and every customer a second to none dumper hire service.

So call today and tell us what dumper you need. We can advise on the size and type of vehicle that will best suit your needs and we also offer an insurance service for your hire vehicle.

We have vehicles for all situations, sites and projects: narrow access models, forward tip models, high discharge models, power swivel models, whatever the project, we can advise on and provide a suitable vehicle to do the job right!
Landscaping, site maintenance, tidying, earthwork construction, whatever the case, check out our selection of vehicles for hire below and give us a call here in Chichester today!

Tracked models

The Slanetrac HT1000 is just the thing for narrow access work and working on softer terrain.

Forward tip models

The traditional forward trip dumper model continues to be the workhorse for many sites, with a high volume clearance capacity, these reliable and rugged machines won’t let you down. Our hire range includes:
Thwaites 3-ton dumper approx.1650mm width
Terex TA2E 2-ton approx. 1492mm width

High Discharge site models

These robust well balanced dumpers models offer stable load discharge at a clearance height of over 1.5 metres, ideal for house building sites, restricted spaces and clearance projects. Our hire models include:
Terex HD1000
4×4 HD1000 1-ton approx. 1120mm wide
Terex TA2SEH (Hydrostatic)

Power Swivel models

Power Swivel dumpers have the capability of tipping the load 90 degrees to either side of the dumper. Great for back-filling trenches and confined sites.
Terex TA2 SE 2-ton power swivel dumper approx. 1492mm wide
Thwaites 2-ton power swivel dumper approx. 1800mm wide
Terex PX3000 Power Swivel 3-ton approx. 1850mm wide

We also have hydrostatic dumper models available that deliver uninterrupted and smooth operator power, great road holding with high travel speed.

So with such a superb range of dumpers hire vehicles on stock, give Nicholas Plant Hire a call today and let us help you get your job done!